Best KissAnime Working Alternatives in 2020-Stream Anime Videos Free

Best KissAnime Working Alternatives in 2020-Stream Anime Videos Free


Movie lovers from everywhere in the world are crazy about watching their desired movies. They stream online, magnet torrents, and use proxies to catch up with their favorite shows online. Kiss anime is a platform where movie lovers can watch hundreds and thousands of anime movies online. 

Kiss anime is a totally free site to stream HD quality anime movies of all genres. You can watch any cartoon show, seasons, films or videos of your choice. The website has an extensive collection of content to satisfy your appetite for watching anime shows. 

Shows of almost all genres, from mystery to comedy, sci-fi, horror, romantic, crime, or others, are available to stream online at this platform. 

Kiss anime is one of the largest anime content websites, but the servers were not working properly for the past few years, so we recommend you keep track of alternative websites to watch your favorite shows. 

Why Kissanime Is The Hot Favorite 

Kissanime is the first choice of most anime lovers because it offers an extensive library of movies with English subtitles and dubbing. The website is absolutely free, and no prior registration is needed, which makes it a hot favorite choice among other anime streaming sites. 

Kiss anime has millions of satisfied users and lovers from all over the globe. The website offers free downloading of all the shows on different resolutions from 240p to 1080p. This website is easy to use, and due to its user-friendly interface, now the anime lovers have easy access to relevant content. 

The given variation of genres empowers its user to choose their favorite type of shows. The best thing about kiss anime is that you can download content on both mobile and PC, which is increasing its addicts worldwide. 

It is straightforward to use the website, and you can simply go on the home page, which is well organized and click on any wanted link. The home page offers animes according to their popularity, upcoming and ongoing animes. 

Downloading from Kissanime

Kiss anime is easy to use website which proposes a diversity of content to download for free. To get any particular anime, you need to search for specific anime in the search options bar. You can also choose from category to refine your search for more relevant results. Click on the desired anime, and you will be directed towards the page that will contain all the episodes of a particular anime show. After clicking on the episode and verifying that you are not a robot, you will be directed again towards another page offering online streaming. There will be a download link somewhere down on the page. After clicking the download button, You will click on “save the link as” option and choose a location on your device where you want that anime to be stored. You can also download videos through the download manager. 

Once downloaded, your anime is just a play click away from you. Watch it and enjoy it! 

Is Kissanime safe and legal? 

There is a talk in the town if kiss anime is safe and legit or not? Well, kiss anime is safe but not legit. Unless you are not using a mirror website, kiss anime is a secure platform to stream and download videos. The mirror websites are so much alike to the actual website that you can’t tell the difference. The original website doesn’t contain any malware or virus.

Piracy has become so common these days that we wonder if the legit ways work anymore. The responsibility of piracy comes on those who stream those videos. You, as a user, are just watching that video, and it is entirely your choice to click on whatever link you want to. No one can deny your right to use the internet as you wish. So you can enjoy your favorite content without any worry or emotional burden. 

Kissanime ru

The original and real website of kiss anime is All the other websites are fake and mirror websites and may contain viruses also. Users must be aware of these tactics used by hackers and data collectors. Promoting any other website intentionally on behalf of kissanime can cause a permanent ban. 

What happened to Kissanime? 

Well, the answer is “nothing.” Kiss anime is working and. Ru is an actual website that doesn’t contain any malware. The website is hosted from different places, so it can’t be shut down. 

Although, due to the load on servers, sometimes the servers may be stuck up, and the website gets down, but otherwise, the website is elegant and properly working. When the website is down, you need to be aware of additional mirror websites that may hack your data. Instead, you can use other alternative websites to kiss anime. 

Kissanime Alternatives 

The top 10 websites that can be a substitute to kiss anime are

Anime Planet

With a load of legal content, you can use anime-planet as the best alternative of kissanime. The website offers free content, and you can download millions of free animes from this platform. The home page is well organized and provides a variety of sections containing new and accessible collections to stream and download. 


Another best alternative to kiss anime is Crunchyroll. The website contains a massive collection of Japanese dramas and is one of the popular websites to watch anime content. 

Anime lab

It is another free website that offers to watch anime videos on both PC and mobile. The website provides content for Newzealand and Australia only but with VPN and proxy ..viola!

KIM Cartoon

This website contains shows dubbed in English, so there is no need to worry about knowing the Japanese language anymore. All the shows are in HD quality, and you can watch and enjoy your favorite shows on this alternative website. 

Anime Freak 

Magna lovers and anime admirers can go to places like anime freak for anime content and can enjoy unlimited anime movies. The website has one of the largest collections of different genres of anime videos. The home page is attractive and mesmerizes users with its user-friendly interface. 

Gogo Anime

This website has the advantage of having all the latest collection of anime movies, that is why it is considered as the best alternative of kiss anime. On this website, you can browse your content through alphabetical order, which makes it easy to handle and worth using. 

Gogo anime has content ranging from new to oldest ones. So it is the best place to satisfy your appetite for watching anime. 

9 Anime

Another one of the best substitutes for kissanime is 9 Anime. The site doesn’t need registration for streaming online videos. The best thing about 9 anime is that it offers a large number of videos dubbed in English. The sound quality is fantastic, and the website is user-friendly. 


Another Addition in top10 anime sites subtitles is anime frenzy. The website is quite famous among anime lovers for an extensive library of cartoon movies and series. The other best thing about anime frenzy is that it allows us to chat with other anime watchers while watching anime. So it gives you full satisfaction of gossiping about your favorite show. 


This website enables users to vote for their favorite shows so the creators can get to know public opinion, and you can watch prominent shows on A2Z anime. The videos are accessible in all quality ranging from 360p to 1080p and in all genres. 

Anime land

It is one of the most visited anime websites because of its free sign up. The website offers one of the largest libraries of English dubbed anime movies. 

So kiss anime is one of the most prominent and worth going anime website, but you can use its substitute for a similar experience when kissanime is down, and servers don’t respond. Although it happens rarely but still you always have options.

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