How Long Is A Fortnight- Difference Between Fortnight And Fortnite

How Long Is A Fortnight- Difference Between Fortnight And Fortnite

You might have heard someone saying fortnight but you got confused with it. Not knowing the meaning of word can sometimes causes embracement for you in public.

Don’t worry! After reading this article you will get to know each and everything about fortnight.  We have answers to your questions such as what is fortnight, how long is fortnight and the different between fortnight and fortnite

Fortnight actually is a period of two weeks or fourteen days and nights.

The word fortnight has its roots in the classic English school and is mostly used in Britain and its former colonies. Fort in fortnight refers to fourteen while the night refers to the nights of those fourteen days.

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The term is more often used by the people while narrating their fourteen day holidays that they have spent with their loved ones. For example if someone you know has traveled to their dream tourist destination, you might hear them saying, the fortnight tour was amazing.

The term is also used by people while referring to their pay schedules. For example, if some gets paid after fourteen days, you might hear him saying, I get paid fortnight.

What Is The Difference Between Fortnight And Fortnite

We have seen that a lot of people are confused about both the terms and use them interchangeably. The meanings of both these words are poles apart.  Fortnight, as discussed earlier is a period of fourteen days while fortnite is an online game based on the moto of save the world. The players in the game construct forts to protect their territories form the invaders.

Now that we have discussed both the words and you are aware of their meanings, do not be confused whenever someone uses them next time.

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