I’m Feeling Curious Google Trick – No It Is Not Gone 2020 Fun Facts

I’m Feeling Curious Google Trick – No It Is Not Gone 2020 Fun Facts

I’m Feeling Curious – I am Feeling Curious Google Fun Tricks

A few years back Google introduced a new interesting feature, “I am feeling curious”. This was the educational feature and one of the best in its kind. It provided quite a fun time pass to users with effective learning. The feature helped in general knowledge building along with recreation and entertainment.
We all know, whenever we have a question, google has our answer and with this feature, Google has more to give us other than just answers.
If you search using google search engine, a random question pops up and it drags your attention. You simply can’t deny its temptation. The question is mostly learning-based and the source of the website is also given with it. This is the most affectionate and attractive way to build one’s knowledge. Everyone is simply in love with it!

No It Is Not Gone 2020 Fun Facts

After being taken down by google for some time , the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature has recently returned and as of today (26th of April 2020) Is back and working.

How This Trick Works?

Typing “I’m Feeling Curious” in to the google search bar will present you with interesting and quirky facts that are sure to leave you with an little increase in common knowledge.
Whenever you type I am feeling curious in your Google search bar, a dialogue box appears with a random fact and you can engage yourself in this temptation as much as you want. This trick works on all google browsers.
You can just go on and keep clicking and the questions never stop. You might wonder how much treasure google has in store for you? The Internet has endless information and so has Google. Everyone can indulge in this healthy and fun activity.
Using this feature daily for some time will improve your general knowledge to unimaginable extents. Just try once and you will fall for it.

How The Magical Trick Came Into Existence?

The trick was added in google in September 2015 and people got crazy about it. This is the best application so far which drags attention for good reason. A person may feel chained to it. Click after click and woof! You are full of knowledge.
Any person who has love and respect for knowledge can’t say no to this ” I am feeling curious trick.

I am bored,I’m Feeling Curious  fun fact

If you’re bored, you can simply type I am feeling curious in the google search bar and can enjoy limitless knowledge.
For example, you typed I am feeling curious in the search bar and a fact appeared “, what kind of bees can sting more than once”? Now I bet every one of you want to know about it, just as I wanted to.
Now the appetite has surely thrived more and to satisfy that, google has a bar saying “ask another question”. Click on that and a new question will appear with another fact.  Mine was “what color is a crab”? Now that was interesting too.  I Clicked again… And again…click click. And the lure never stops,  at least for me. It is such an addiction that it is impossible to resist.
Google has infinite facts to tell you. As Google has access to all the information on the internet so it keeps telling us about random things and our craving never stops. If you have a “thing” for general knowledge, you are never gonna be bored ever!

I’m Feeling Curious to learn something new

This is the most educational feature of google and many people liked it while using it. The feature provides infinite information and a person can use it to learn something new. The data never ceased to flow and a person keeps clicking and enjoying it. It is like an obsession which is hard to quit.
So what if you are also feeling curious today, and want to indulge in unlimited fun?

My Favourite Fun Facts

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