Jurassic World Alive Cheats And Tips- All You Need To Know

Jurassic World Alive Cheats And Tips- All You Need To Know

Jurassic World: Alive, Cheats and Tips

Location based games have gained popularity from 2018 onwards. There’s no doubt that these games were even played before 2018, but since Google has enabled its maps for these games, the number of players playing them is constantly increasing. So, why has this feature tempted more people towards location based games? The google map enables people to track their live location while playing their games. Some examples of location based games are Pokémon-Go, Magus and Jurassic world: alive.

Today we are going to give you some tips and cheat of the Jurassic world alive which many famous players have used and improved their gameplay.

Have you ever played Jurassic world alive? If no, let’s begin the article by a brief introduction of the game.

The game is similar to Pokémon-Go with a significant difference, and that is dinosaurs. It is a location based game in which you will have to walk in real life to navigate in the game. The game is developed by Ludia and is available on Android as well as IOS.

Do you need some tips for improving your gameplay? Stick to the article, and you will read all it takes to become a pro player in the Jurassic world alive.


Jurassic world alive Tips

Supply Box

In the Jurassic World, the supply boxes are most important as containing unique items. If you make it to the supplies, your chances of winning the game increases. But how will you reach to the supply box?

As you have already read that you will have to walk in real life to navigate in the game, so you will be using the same technique here. In your map, you will see a supply box, and you will have to walk to it.

From the supply boxes, you can find Darts for your drone, Dinosaurs DNA and cash. Darts are essential for grabbing DNA samples. You will have an option to convert them to full-on dinosaurs.

Here is an advice for you, when going towards the supply box, be very careful about the surroundings because you can be attacked any time by the enemy.

Target The Dinosaurs With A Drone

Another Pro tips are about the method of stealing the DNA from the dinosaurs. You will have to target the Dinosaurs with a drone. Might not be as easy as it seems. Whenever you see a digital dinosaur in the Jurassic world, aim at it and target it. The first shot needs to be very precise so that it should give maximum damage to the dinosaurs. After the first shot, the dinosaur will move, so you will have to aim a bit ahead of it to compensate for the movement.

Collect As Many DNA’s You Can

Tip number three for is you collect as many DNA’s you can. Wonder why? We have got an answer for. If you enough DNA’s you can use them to have a team of ancient beasts in your party, the DNA’s are essential so try to have maximum DNA’s. Moreover, DNA’s will also help you strengthen your creature.

Dinosaurs With Blue Circles

During your gameplay, you might notice Dinosaurs with blue circles. These dinosaurs need to be encountered twice as they are created with 100 DNAs. So be mindful while attacking them.


You will also come across incubators while playing the Jurassic world alive. These incubators have a similar function to that of supplies. They give you darts, cash and DNA. So if you see any incubator, you are advised to go for. You have to be more conscious while going for supplies and incubators.


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Jurassic World alive cheats

Do you that all the famous players of the game are using cheat to enhance their cash so that they can use to have improved ranking in the game? There are numbers of cheats available on the internet that you these people are using.

Unlimited Number Of Coins

There are numbers of websites which are providing the hacks for Jurassic world live. These hacks will add an unlimited number of coins in your account. These cheat tools are available for both Android and IOS. The websites have the APK files which you can download on your mobile device to add an unlimited number of coins in your account.

The unlimited number of coins will help you complete the challenging missions. You can buy the necessary creature that is required for a particular mission. In this way, unlimited coins will help you improve your game play. Through unlimited coins, you can also complete the missions that have limited time.


What’s more interesting is that the developers of these Applications have used proxies in them. The proxies will not only help to by-pass your local server, but it will also make it difficult for anyone to detect that you used the hack. 

Getting ban by the game for cheating can be the real pain for a gamer but congratulations, there are now hacks which you can use to get an unlimited number of coins without getting caught. 

Jurassic World Alive CHEATS

Jurassic World Alive Cheats works for all devices, not for iOS and Android. Jurassic World Alive helps hack gamers to earn unlimited cash.

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Types of cheating

  • Faking your location using apps or hacks (“Spoofing”) is considered cheating. We want you to go out and explore; not spoof to get a high score.
  • Exploiting bugs is considered cheating too; help us make a great game and report bugs.
  • Using 3rd party software and bots is cheating.
  • Hacking the game is cheating.


  • Warnings
  • Removal from the Leaderboard
  • Loss of game support
  • Temporary bans
  • Permanent bans

Note that repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

Remember that you can help by reporting players who aren’t following the guidelines.


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