Mangapanada – Official Alternatives Of Mangapanda

Mangapanada – Official Alternatives Of Mangapanda


Mangapanda, a website that contains material related to manga – Japanese comics, is one of the most viewed websites on the internet. On the site, you can find all the stuff related to manga, and surprisingly it offers many filters to find out the content of your choice. These are some filters that you can use to target your desired content quickly.mangapanda

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In this article, you are going to know about different manga series that are leaked on Manga panda. As manga panda is under the radar of cyber crime authorities, we are also going to suggest different alternative websites where you can find your favorite mangapanda-related material.

Famous Manga’s on Mangapanda

Manga Panda One Piece

A Japanese manga series written by Eiichiro odda in 1997 has 95 volumes and is still ongoing. The animation series is a top-rated source of merchandise manga, and it is aiming at the 1000th episode mark. Among other famous characters, the key role actors in one piece of mangapanda are straw hat pirates, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and chopper.

Regrettably, manga panda is responsible for leaking the weekly episode of one piece. The leak of these episodes is resulting in the decline of the collection of anime series. Whenever you are willing to read, you are advised to read from the official sources. By doing so, you will appreciate the hard work of the creators of the anime series. The list of official websites will be given in the upcoming sections.


One Punch Man

One punch man is a famous anime series in Japan. The anime series has 21 volumes, and the main idea of the story is that a person with simple powers destroys villains by punching them once. This animation series is also affected by pirate websites like manga panda.

The creators of the anime have put much effort into making the series, and the pirates are just destroying their efforts. So, if you are interested in watching the series, watch it through a legal channel. The anime is available on Netflix, or you can even watch it using Crunchyroll.


Mangapanda Bleach

Bleach has a story of a high school kid who has the ability to see ghosts. The young kid got this ability after an incident with the hollow. Through proper training and dedication, the young boy can polish his skills even more. The bleach also has a great anime series that is available of Manga Panda, but we advise you to watch it through a legal platform.


Alternatives Of Mangapanda

In this section, we are going to discuss the websites that have similar pirated content like manga panda.


Manga fox is a website that has almost all the content related to manga. Guess what? All the content is free of cost. The website provides different filters which can use to target your favorite content.



The kiss manga lets you read and watch all your favorite manga series in your desired quality. The website also has a discussion forum that will allow you to discuss with other manga lovers.



Manga reader is another website where you can read your favorite manga. There are thousands of manga’s available on the website for the readers, and all of them are translated into the English language so that people from every corner of the world can read.



Manga Freak is also popular among the mangapanda lovers. It is an old website that has many proxies available. If you are a manga lover, here is good news for you. The website gets updated weekly and has some very unique filters. You can browse the manga series through their release dates and their ratings.


Viz is another website for manga lovers. The popular website has brought much top-rated manga series for its viewers.



If you are a new manga lover, this website is best for you. The website is built simply to support the new viewers and has a friendly user interface. It also gives you an option to save your favorite manga so that you can watch it later.


Manga go

This website has excellent content that attracts many manga lovers. The traffic on this website is competitive to manga panda and can beat manga panda anytime in the near future. You must visit the website if you are an avid manga reader.


Official Alternatives Of Mangapanda

Manga’s have been a great source of entertainment, and their popularity is increasing day by day. The world has accepted their high demand; therefore, they are available on different platforms. If you can afford to buy a few bucks, you are highly advised to watch and read your favourite manga through these legal sources because the illegal means can get you in technical or legal trouble.

There is also an aspect of appreciation if you buy bucks. By purchasing the bucks you will be encouraging the creator of your manga to make more such series.

Here are some of the legal sources from which you can watch and read your favourite manga.

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Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump is a weekly magazine published in Japan. The weekly magazine contains different manga’s which you can read. You can subscribe to the magazine by going to their website. Once you have subscribed, you will get access to the content of the magazine. The magazine has a fantastic list of manga’s which have been published in the previous magazines. Don’t worry if you have missed any of your favorite manga’s, and you still have the chance to catch them by subscribing to Shonen Jump.




A video streaming service that began in 2006 has been offering its services in the field of animation series. With the collaboration of Funmation and viz, Crunchyroll has been producing engaging content for the manga lovers. Crunchyroll has a community of more than 36 million subscribers, which shows its quality of content. You can subscribe to Crunchyroll by just paying a few pennies and enjoy your favorite manga’s on your TV or mobile phone. Crunchyroll comes with a very user-friendly mobile app.



Kindle is an app of amazon that provides reading material to the reader. It contains reading an article on different topics such as news, tourism, politics, and entertainment. Kindle can be accessed through website or mobile app. Amazon has even developed a device for kindle, which provides enhance readability to the users. Kindle gives you so much content on mangas. You can read your desire manga by browsing on Kindle.


Comic Stores

The traditional comic stores can be another great source of manga’s, especially if you are an in handbook person. In other words, if you like reading through the book rather than soft copies on the internet, the comic store can be the best option for you. From the comic stores, you can take your favorite manga and take it along with yourself. One good thing about the manga’s in hard copy is that other people who live with you can also benefit from it.


Why You Should Not Use Mangapanda

Manga panda is an illegal website that promotes piracy, which is not a legal practice. The creation of a manga series is not an easy task; from the story writer to the director to the animator, everyone puts a tremendous amount of effort into bringing a series in front of you.

Pirated content is also against the policy of the entertainment industry; therefore, they are putting an effort to bring the website down and close it. The website gets down for a short period but emerges again with different domains. The best way to watch and read your favorite manga is through official websites.

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Is Mangapanda Safe?

The short answer to this question is NO. The websites which have pirated content are always under the radar of cybercrime authorities. Several arrests also took place in China and Japan. This resulted in decreased traffic on these websites, but still, large numbers of people are using these websites.

The entertainment industry is taking the issue seriously and is continuously in touch with cybercrime authorities. Whenever a pirated content is uploaded on these websites, they launch a complaint against that website. So as a user, you must be very careful about these websites.

Why Mangapanada Shows Virus Threat?

You need to understand that the content available on manga panda is pirated, which will not give them any source of income. So, what is their source of income? The ads and pop-ups that run on the website are their sole source of income. These ads or pop-ups can redirect the user to a link that might contain a harmful virus and might even inject it into your computer; therefore, before visiting websites like mangapanda, make sure to have a proper VPN, ads blocker and anti-virus installed in your computer. 


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