Poe Ninja-All You Need To Know Currency, Poe Ninja Builds

Poe Ninja All You Need To Know

Games are good way of killing your time. Most of us play games in our free time to kill it and avoid boredom but how about a game that has an economical system and lets you earn. Yeah you heard me right Point of exile is an online action video game. It was initially released for Microsoft in 2013 and later in 2017 another version for Xbox came. The game is being played by millions of people around the world.

There is a website on internet which allows you to trade. It is more like the trading of stock shares where the currency fluctuates with No fixed value.

Interested to know details about the Poe Ninja Currency and Poe Ninja Builds?

Continue reading. In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Poe ninja.

What is Poe Ninja

If you don’t have any knowledge of Poe Ninja, this section is for you. The famous online game Point of exile has unique items that are awarded to every player based on his achievements in the game and Poe Ninja is a tool that helps you trade these unique items.  The trade takes place in a similar way as it does in the stock exchange markets. The rates of unique items of the game constantly fluctuate, similar to the rates of stocks of the stock market. Poe Ninja provides you with the statistics and future predictions of these items.

There are four different leagues in Path of exile that are mentioned on the Poe Ninja website. These are hardcore, standard, delirium and HC delirium. By visiting the website of Poe Ninja, you can directly Jump to your league and check statistics. Each league has its own specifications and difficulty level therefore the rates of unique items of every league are different.

 As Poe ninja calculates the rates of the unique items it can also be called as a currency calculator tool. You might be wondering about the currency in which the trading takes place? Basically all the trade on the Poe Ninja takes place in their own currency known as orbs and scroll. The next section is based on detailed information about the Poe Ninja currency.

Poe Ninja Currency

If you visit the website you will notice a section called as currency.  This is the place where the value of all the unique items is mentioned. For example, the top rate currency on the website is mirror of Kalandra. The table also tells you about the buying rate and selling rate.

The table is organized in descending order which means the items which have lower payouts are at the bottom of the pages. Did you win any items by playing point of exile? If so, you can go to the website and check the value of your items.

The part which I like the most about this website is that it provides you sufficient information about the item for past 1 day.  For example the website tells you about the variations that have took place for a particular item in one day. Although this might be disturbing for some people as there could be many variations in one day but once you start to understand the system, it’s much beneficial for you as these variations provide more accurate information.

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The website also gives you an option to compare present league with the standard league. This comparison will give you an idea about your trends. For example, if an item of your league is about to touch the price of standard league, there are high chances that it value will not increase further. Whereas if an item is much lesser than the value of the standard league, chances are that its price will grow. It is primarily because of the reason that leagues prices will not go above the standard league. There are many similar indicators which you can use in your favor.

Do you want to increase your assist by buying orbs and scroll?  There are two ways of buying them. You can buy it either from the gamers directly or you can use the services of websites to buy orbs. The gamers who usually have more orbs than their needs are selling them on various platforms. You just need to search for appropriate forum and look for people who are selling orbs. We suggest you to use safe ways to avoid scamming and cheating.

There is another way through which you can increase your orbs. The Poe Ninja gives you an option to sell every currency. So you can sell the lower currencies to buy the orbs which are profitable. You can also convert your gold into orbs.  This will increase your collection of valuable orbs. You just have to be careful while buying the orbs. Check the trends properly and invest in the orbs whose chances of growth are higher.

The current seasons have good exchange rates so you can use it as an opportunity.



Poe Ninja Builds

There are different builds of Poe Ninja. If you visit the build section of website you will notice that there are different items enlisted on the left side of the page. The ranking is based on the descending order which means that the most effective build is listed on top of the page. The website also provides you filter which you can use to target more specific items.  The most effective item is watcher’s eye with 85% rate. Similarly there are many items enlisted on the website but in this article we are going to discuss five items.

  • Voices – This item has 82% efficiency and is a league bound item, only the players from delirium league can acquire it. The item is placed on large Jewel socket on passive skill tree.
  • Nebulis- is a unique synthesized Void Scepter with the rate of 62%. The fractured version is Nebulis
  • Prism Guardian- is a unique Archon Kite Shield with the rate of 60%
  • Alpha’s Howl– is a unique Sinner Tricorne with 57% rate.
  • Call of the Brotherhood– is a unique sapphire and topaz Two-Stone Ring. This item also has a rate of 57%


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