Quest Diagnostics Selling Online COVID-19 Antibody Test- Coronavirus Test

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Quest Diagnostics Selling Online COVID-19 Antibody- Purchase Online Coronavirus Antibody Test

In these days of the pandemic, everyone is worried. People are pursuing social distancing and other safety measures. Coronavirus has dissipated worldwide and a new wave of fear is taking its spin on all over the globe.

Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus can spread easily through cough or sneeze of an infected individual, that is why maintaining public distancing and cleaning hands, again and again, is highly recommended to avoid getting the virus. The body may take 14 days to show any indications after it is infected from the virus. Signs can include fever, sore throat, cough, and shortness of breath.
Checking temperature alone is not enough to check for COVID 19 infection. There are different testing techniques and serological tests are one of them. These tests are used to check if antibodies are present in the blood or not. The test confirms that if the patient has suffered from the virus in the past few days and how much damage is done.
If a person has developed antibodies,  as checked through tests,  he can also serve as a donor to other infected people. The testing kits are available at corona testing centers. But now quest diagnostics has made it easy for the common public to reach at these testing kits.

Quest Diagnostic selling direct to consumer coronavirus antibody tests

Quest diagnostics are retailing a direct-to-consumer antibody test which will make corona testing a lot more manageable. Quest diagnostics has made it easy for their clients to know if they were infected from corona virus or not.
Consumers have to put together a request at blood draw centers. This test costs $119 and customers can get their blood report findings after one or two days of giving a blood sample.
This test by Quest diagnostics is particularly designed to investigate for the presence of antibodies in the human body against the SARS-CoV-2 virus but there is no such scientific evidence that the existence of antibodies in a person’s blood can deliver immunity against getting the infection again or how long the protection will last. Therefore scientists have suspicions and queries about this antibody test. The statement has also been issued by the World health organisation claiming that no evidence verifies about antibodies providing immunity against COVID 19 infection in the human body.
This antibody test only ascertains the past presence of infection in the human body but it doesn’t confirm that a person has infection now.
Still, it is a thing that people will want to buy to check if they were exposed to the virus or not. Covid 19 has caused a large number of death rates worldwide and the numbers are increasing every single day so people are definitely concerned.
People who think they are currently affected by the virus should not go for blood samples to perform an antibody test.  Instead, they should reach their doctors.
Before giving blood samples, a person must be free from any illness from the past ten days. This is for the safety purposes as we all know how the corona virus is scattering like a tide of the ocean. We all need to do the best on our parts. Before heading to testing centers, wear face masks, sanitize your hands, and keep social distancing to assure protection and safety.

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