Rate My Professor – Should I Use It Or Not?

Rate My Professor – Should I Use It Or Not?

Rate my professor is an application that allows students to rate their teachers along with finding a teacher or school for them. Students can select any professor to study from and after taking a course, students can rate their teachers according to different criteria.

How It Works? 

In rate my professor,  students can rate their professors by simply searching their name in the search bar. Professors with particular names will appear on search results and student can pick their specific teacher according to their university and specs. Like if someone wants to rate Mr. Sheen,  they will click on rate my professor tab and will enter Mr. Sheen in the search bar. The results will display all the Mr.  Sheens from different universities.
Students can choose and rate their teachers according to how they teach and if the teacher uses a book while teaching or not. Rating also asks for what is a level of difficulty to understand the teacher?  And what is a grade of the student rating the professor?
Studies have shown that rating a professor, depends on different things and not solely on “how well they teach”?

Limitations of Rate My Professor? 

Unfortunately, many teachers claim that rating was not “fair enough” to justify their teaching level. If a student didn’t get good grades then the anger came out in the form of negative rating.

Rate My Professor Gets Rid Off Chili Pepper Hotness Scale

Similarly, many teachers were rated on the basis of their level of “hotness” or how good they look?  Stats have shown that attractive teachers were rated higher than other teachers. This is definitely not fair when talking about rating a teacher on the basis of his teaching. A good teacher who is not attractive enough may not drag the attention of other students based on rating and this will definitely generate unfair division of employment.
Many studies have also shown that students were biased towards female teachers. Male teachers were commented on more competent and friendly than female teachers. A dedicated female teacher may not get a good rating because she was not “funny enough” according to students.

Disheartening For Teachers

Different comments from students can be disheartening for teachers. Some teachers claimed that they went into depression after reading that much negativity about them and they were not expecting that at all. Students have commented about their looks,  how they wear their clothes? and how they carry themselves?
It is sad to know that sometimes students rated their professors less for non-serious issues and reasons. Even sometimes only because they didn’t like that teacher personally,  they didn’t give a good rating to that teacher.
Although many students have also claimed that professors had different intentions towards them. Some female students said that male teachers were more than friendly towards them.

Rate My Professor Is An Important Platform

Overall, Rate My Professor is an important platform and must be taken seriously. It is a matter of someone’s repute and future. While rating a professor, a student needs to act honest and mature.  Students can submit their serious concerns about professors also but rating should be taken as a responsibility to avoid any inconvenience for any teacher who didn’t deserve that.


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